Clouds in Real Life: Q & A with Jennifer Fisher

We sat down with celebrity Jewelry Designer 
to talk CBD.

CLOUD WATER:  Why did you start using CBD? 
JENNIFER FISHER:  I started using CBD products when I made a conscious decision to stop taking prescription medications to help me fall asleep at night.  I was originally prescribed Xanax to help my sleep at home as well as sleep when I travel.  With my increased travel schedule for work and wanting and needing to feel more alert but relaxed when I sleep away from home,  I decided to start experimenting with different doses of CBD as an alternative.  It took me some time and after many failed attempts, including things that tasted too sugary or processed, I finally found my perfect 'cocktail.'
CW:  Has CBD made a noticeable difference in your life? 

JF:   YES! I can now sleep without prescription medication!  I have a brain that doesn't turn off easily and at night my head is spinning with thoughts about work and family and what I have to do the next day.

CW:   How do you incorporate Cloud into your day-to-day?

JF:  At the end of my day I get home from work and start cooking, if I don't want to have a glass of wine, I have a bottle of Cloud Water and it yields a similar calming effect. 

CW:  What's your favorite flavor of Cloud Water?

JF:  Click here to find out! 

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