Clouds in Real Life: Adam Fox

We sat down with New York Rangers defenseman
& Cloud Water Investor
to talk all things health & wellness
CLOUD WATER: How do you maintain your overall health in-season?
ADAM FOX: Being an athlete, my health is very important to me. During the season it's important that I make sure to get the right things in my body to recover and feel as good as I can for games. When I'm traveling for games, healthy options are a bit more limited so I try and always be prepared and plan ahead. Functional beverages like Cloud Water + Immunity make it easy to maintain my health on the go.

CW: What are some of your wellness best practices?
AF: One of my best wellness practices is taking naps. Naps are important as sometimes it can be tough for me to get a full and restful sleep, especially after a long day of practice or a tough game. I also think drinking water and staying hydrated is super important because it helps with energy levels and body function.

CW: How do you unwind after a hectic day?
AF: After a hectic day, I usually will go back home and play X-box with my friends for a bit. I find this helps me shift my focus from hockey and gives me a distraction from everything else. I also have a Cloud Water pretty much everyday as CBD helps me unwind and relieves a good amount of my stress and anxiety.

CW: What's your favorite flavor of Cloud?
AF: I like all the flavors but if I had to pick one I would say Blackberry & Lemon & Rosemary. My friends also love Cloud and a lot of them really like Blood Orange & Coconut.

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