Clouds in Real Life: Q & A with Chris Lavish

We sat down with NYC influencer & downright cool tattoo model 
to talk all things CBD.

CLOUD WATER:  How did you discover Cloud Water?

CHRIS LAVISH:  I was introduced to Marc, Cloud Water CEO, through a mutual friend.  CBD was already a huge part of my life but Cloud Water was my first time trying CBD as a sparkling beverage.

CW: How often do you use CBD?

CL:  I mainly use it after 5pm and approximately 2 to 3 times before midnight.  It has helped me sleep tremendously better and clear up my skin as well.  It has helped my personal and business exponentially.

CW:  What is the impact CBD has had on your life?

CL:  CBD has helped me manage my stress levels a lot more efficiently and kept my skin clear and healthy. I've also used CBD as a tool to help people transition from using cigarettes and THC, since CBD is more natural and subtle on the body. It has also helped my personal and business life grow exponentially.

CW:  What is your favorite way to enjoy Cloud Water?

CL:  I usually have it in an iced matcha drink or after a photoshoot with my production team assistant.  Cloud Water has become my chefs favorite flavored sparkling CBD drink as well!

CW:  What's your favorite flavor of Cloud Water?

CL:  click here to find out!

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