Clouds in Real Life: Johnny Swet


We sat down to talk all things CBD and Cocktails with JOHNNY SWET, NYC Mixologist and Cocktail Consultant.


CLOUD WATER: Given the changes happening over the last year, now more than ever people are turning to CBD and different self-care practices. What trends have you been seeing in regards to incorporating CBD into cocktails and mocktails?
JOHNNY SWET: I have noticed different bar programs incorporating CBD Gummies and the like. But unfortunately, New York State only allows CBD to be in pre-packaged products, like Cloud Water or gummies but no CBD drops since there is no regulation on the amount. 

CW: With the rise in sober curious culture, what trends are you
seeing in the mocktail space?
JS: Bars have been upping their spirit-free game by mimicking the botanicals that are usually in cocktails, (like juniper berries and bay leaves) to mimic spirts like gin. 

CW: Are you seeing a trend in "healthier" alcohol (cocktail options)?
JS: Yes, there is definitely a trend. People are using less refined sugars and instead opting for natural sweeteners like honey and stevia. I also see a lot of cocktails with spices and herbs that have added health benefits like turmeric and chia seeds. 

CW:  With the rise in unemployment for both restaurant and bar workers, what are some ways to support this industry?
JS: People can support the industry by going to bars and restaurants that are open with either reduced outdoor or indoor dining, tipping restaurant workers generously or getting take out. 

CW: How do you find balance in everyday life, especially in today's climate?JS:Relaxing, trying to stay healthy, taking it one day at a time and staying in contact with friends and family. 

CW: How do you incorporate CBD into your daily life?
JS: I have taken supplements with CBD and try to incorporate a CBD drink a couple of times a week.  

CW: What's your favorite flavor of Cloud? 
JS: I really like Blackberry & Lemon & Rosemary Cloud Water.

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