Clouds in Real Life: Q & A with Dria Murphy

Talking total wellness with


co-founder of the ness & founder of Alise Collective

CLOUD WATER:  How do you find balance in everyday life, especially in today's climate?

Dria Murphy:  It can be an everyday struggle these days but finding a time to move my body helps keep me balanced. Most days I try to turn on the ness digital and bounce on my trampoline, but morning or midday walks also do the trick. Moving my body definitely helps my mental health. I’m all about small rituals to find normalcy. I start my days with (at least one) matcha and I always end my days with a walk by the water, which calms my mind and brings me back down. 

CW: What are some of your best practices for self care?

DM:   I have tried so many self-care trends and at the end of the day, I think the most important practice is therapy. Of course, being active and eating healthy are important but I think self-care comes from taking care of yourself within. Taking care of yourself mentally is hard and the process never really ends but it’s the building block for all other self-care. I also think movement is so crucial. For me personally, my movement and meditation practices are one. The ness digital’s bounce is the only workout I’ve ever found that truly clears my mind and acts as a form of meditation. I can’t think about anything else when I’m on the trampoline so I’m not focusing on my to-do list ahead. 

CW: How do you see the wellness space evolving? 

DM: The industry is constantly evolving and changing but I think we’re getting back to basics. We’ve seen trends come and go but at the end of the day, wellness is about mental and physical health. I think we’re moving back to that.

CW: What's your favorite flavor of Cloud Water + Immunity? 

DM:  I'm obsessed with Cloud Water + Immunity Blackberry & Lemon & Rosemary. It's so refreshing and the immunity boost is much needed. 

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