Clouds in Real Life: Q & A with Echoed Voices

Talking community, change & CBD with

a NYC group making a difference


CLOUD WATER: Given the change we have experienced in our day-to-day lives over the last few months, how do you see the wellness space evolving?  

ECHOED VOICES:  In today's climate, people are more conscious of their consumption decisions. They've had the opportunity to weigh their options on how to use their energy or spend their money, which has caused the wellness space to be a priority. People are living life at a slower pace, and their decisions are directed more towards wellness products. We are hoping to see new wellness products to become more socially responsible by giving back to the environment and to help with the main problems the world is facing today.

At the same time, we see technology providing more insight into the way we are living. People are constantly making more conscious choices about the way they eat and consume and these factors are pushing brands to be more transparent about the way they conduct business, and how inclusive they are to their consumers. Innovative products involving new ingredients such as CBD or Vitamins that disclose practices and give back to society will take the ownership of the wellness  market. 

CW: How do you incorporate CBD into your daily life?

EV:   Christina: We started using CBD as an alternative to caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. Cloud Water is  the perfect drink to have at the end of the day to start decompressing. We also love bringing Cloud to some of the events that we create based around sustainability and bringing people together. 

Cristhian: Yes, I use CBD  to decompress, which could be in the morning or at night. Sometimes, we use Cloud Water to unwind from our cleanups - our Echoed Voices fam love them. But we also use them to work. Christina and I love to grab a Cloud in the middle of our work sessions. I feel they really provide me that mental clarity, whether I need a break or if I just need to brainstorm. I also use CBD products to go to sleep or in my protein shakes.  

CW: What are some wellness practices you stand by? 

EV:  We both believe in having morning practice! Most importantly, we support and believe that each person has an individual way of staying healthy and connected.  Some of the practices we personally connect with are yoga, house music, exercise, and intuitive eating. Respecting your body and having compassion for yourself in your health journey is where progress is found.

CW: What empowered you to start Echoed Voices? 

EV:  We met at a time when we were making changes in our personal lives that deeply called towards channeling action and advocating for change in our world. We've been using this space not only to bring our community together but also to promote sustainable brands. Echoed Voices started with the idea that we need to bring awareness back to ourselves and each other. We found the best way to do this is by empowering people through the idea that when commitment and action are put into practice, we become conscious and that is where change happens. Our mission is to bring awareness to our community and take action around issues that matter to us and our world. 

CW: What's your favorite flavor of Cloud Water?

We love Aztec Chocolate & Strawberry! 

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