Clouds in Real Life: Q & A with Tessa Edick


We sat down with founder and executive director of the FarmOn! Foundation
to talk all things sustainability and CBD. 


CLOUD WATER: The FarmOn! Foundation focuses on creating economically and environmentally sustainable farming operations. How do you see sustainability playing into the wellness space?

TESSA EDICK: Sustainability is the pathway to wellness, meaning we all must try to avoid depletion of natural resources (land, air, water, plants) in order to maintain ecological balance in the rhythm of the seasons, in nature overall, and through what we eat. Without maintenance of good health, through responsible consumption as a prevention to illness, we fail the environment and each other. The cultivation of hemp as a regenerative cash crop to create CBD, provides sustainable practices that positively impact local agriculture as well as our bodies and our minds. 

CW:  As an entrepreneur, author and founder/director of the FarmOn! what are some tips you can share that help keep you calm and focused throughout the day?  

TE:   Nutrition density is essential to return the body to homeostasis and optimize functionality in the body and mind. Unifying the two is amplified through full belly breathing, also key to minimize the effects of stress in our bodies from busy lifestyles! I take CBD every day in some form (up to 120mg per day) and I feel amazing. It does not make you “high”, or distracted, but is a powerful botanical facilitator against anxiety and inflammation - two key things we really need to eliminate to maintain good health.

CW:  In what ways has CBD made an impact on your life?

TE:  As a Hemp Farmer, on a 220 acre farm in the gorgeous Hudson Valley, hemp cultivation has inspired folks to visit FarmOn! at Empire Farm. The organic farm is located in Copake, NY in the heart of an amazing agricultural community. Growing hemp is rewarding, and we are also able to educate young farmers and consumers alike. We're able to share the importance of this powerful high vibration plant - beyond a revenue stream for our 501c3 foundation – with a growing customer base. Farming CBD outdoors also allows us to restore diverse farming practices, that not only lends our proven model to other family farms to generate income and restore viable livelihoods, it is an economic engine connecting rural and urban marketplaces. One of my key missions is to help inspire career pathways for our youth in the future of agriculture. And by working with producers like Cloud Water, we continue to share the importance of cannabis as a non psychoactive cannabinoid and foster the entrepreneurial spirit for the next generation to feed us.

CW: What's your favorite flavor of Cloud Water?

 TE:  It's hard to choose. I truly love each flavor as a refreshing sparkling healthy beverage or in a smoothie or even as a cocktail. But right now, Blackberry & Lemon & Rosemary has my whole heart!



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