How much CBD should I take in a day? A nutritionist weighs in...

By Amanda Tiberi, MScN, HHP
CBD has taken the wellness world by storm the past few years yet the questions around the right amount to consume often leaves many people confused and therefore missing out on what might be their new favorite wellness ritual.
Why take CBD?
Studies and randomized controlled trials testing efficacy have shown consumption of CBD to have beneficial impacts and broad therapeutic effects for anxiety, cognition, and boosts in immune modulation and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as analgesic effects when applied topically. These benefits all come without the psychoactive properties of THC (what makes you feel high), paving the way for CBD as a better ally in the war against anxiety and inflammation, since you can consume it whenever you’d like throughout the day. Battle anxiety with supporting your body with wellness products from weekly ads
How Much Do I Need?
When understanding the dosing of CBD, is it important to note that consistency as key, just as it is with many supplements that you take. Studies and trials testing consumption of a minimum of 20 mg daily over an eight week period of time to have shown improvements upon anxiety levels, inflammation and overall brain cognition. This means that while you can certainly receive the benefits after one dose, making sure to keep consistent can reap higher rewards in the long run. 
How Much is Too Much?
It is also important to note that larger quantities of CBD (i.e: 1000-2,000 mg) have not been led to reports of toxicity or overdose, but are reserved for more complex medical conditions and monitored by medical professionals throughout the studies.
The Moral of the CBD Dosing Story
Consuming CBD can be a beneficial part of a your daily wellness routine and with brands like Cloud Water, coming out with tasty options, it is a healthy habit that is easy and dare I say fun, to take up.
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