Half Tea & Half Lemonade
+ 25mg Hemp (12 pk)

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Forget death and taxes. The only certainty in life is that when you combine the sweet, citrusy flavors of lemonade with the cool and refreshing taste of iced tea, you are certain to have a good time. Half Tea & Half Lemonade is that hint of sunshine you can rely on any time of the year.

Keep cool but care with Cloud Water + Hemp drinks. When life throws you off balance, come back to center one soul-soothing sip at a time. Each can contains 25mg of Hemp so you can be like water and just go with the (delicious) flow.

Infused with 25mg of Bioavailable Hemp

5 Innovative & Refreshing Flavors

Lightly Sweetened with Organic Wildflower Honey

No Stevia, Erythritol or Funky Aftertaste

40 Calories per can

100% Recyclable Cans (no plastic sleeves)

Non-Alcoholic and Sober-Friendly Alternative

Delicious Taste that Satisfies